China Cautions Against Holiday Traveling.

Officials have tested hundreds of thousands of people in Beijing and millions in the port city of Dalian, after the country recorded 42 locally transmitted coronavirus cases in the previous week. 

The outbreak disrupted months of almost-zero case numbers. Denizens of Dalian have been advised not to leave the northern port city.

The recurrence comes just before the Lunar New Year; when hundreds of millions of Chinese people travel to their hometowns. The authorities are already looking forward to security: this year’s travel helped spread the virus.

The government is dissuading Beijing residents from traveling and crowding. It has also instructed travel companies not to organize any group tours to Beijing during the holiday, which falls on Feb next year.

Other parts of the country are equally taking safety measures. Being a home to many of China’s migrant workers, Anhui Province, intends to test and monitor all those who return for the holiday. 

Experts say with a plan to vaccinate 50 million people (although with unproven vaccines) and efforts to ramp up testing, there is no cause to worry about the travel period.

Author: Mambe Njikofore Mande N.

Freelance Journalist, Content strategist, Paint/Sketch Artist.

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