US-based Cameroonian Empowers Communities of Colour with Latest Innovation

Cameroonian-born creates platform for black communities

The CEO and Founder of EboniGram Communications, Blessed Efilo Ngoe, has launched a new service, EbonigramPlus, meant to connect and empower black and brown communities around the world.

The innovation, according to him, seeks to give people of African descent a chance to grow their own community online.

He says “EbonigramPlus is designed for a group of people that has been very disenfranchised in the media world – people of Afro descent. So, EbonigramPlus is their own niche; built for people of this group.” Efilo believes that the platform gives this group of people an avenue to interact with the rest of the world.

What is it all about ideally?

EbonigramPlus is a platform for professional and social networking, with a mission to enable black and brown people:

  • Build a strong value-added professional presence on the web
  • Build professional communities through networking
  • Learn new skills and meet people who inspire them
  • Take part in grassroots empowerment and the transformation of interactional spaces
  • Rejoin old friends while growing their community online

Make no mistake! EbonigramPlus, is not solely meant for people with African descent. It is also open for all those who sympathize and empathise with persons of colour.

“They don’t necessarily have to be of African descent. But, as long as they sympathize with, and love Africa, they are welcome to be in EbonigramPlus,” the company’s founder underscored.

Features and how they work

For social interaction and networking, users create profiles, follow friends and mentors, and can be followed back as well. This gives them the exposure they need in their communal space.

More importantly, there are professional avenues in the site, where users can freely market their goods, services and ideas which can boost the black community. Users can create their own stores, forums, groups and pages to promote their businesses.

EbonigramPlus equally has an advertising platform which handlers can use to advertise their various brands.

EbonigramPlus is different, but what makes it so?

Many people of colour use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to interact and bond. These platforms have arguably seduced users with their offers. But, with them, comes a price.

EboniGram Communications says it is not out to compete with these giant firms. In fact, it is bringing something much different to the table.

“We are not out to compete with Facebook, LinkedIn and all those guys. We are out to live despite them. Ours is not about making a lot of money, it’s not about making billions of dollars. It’s about giving Africans the opportunity to actually express themselves in a space that is actually theirs,” Blessed Efilo said.

“EbonigramPlus is largely free. Most of the features are free, which means that you can create your market place without necessarily paying for it. But that’s not true in other platforms.”

“You can do so many things with EboniGram without necessarily paying for them. But, there are certain added functions that can help you spread your message maybe to a wider audience, for which you pay a very small fee, compared to Facebook and things like that.”

Most communities of colour are faced with economic challenges. The EboniGram team intimates that it has taken this into consideration, reason why it is making the site affordable for this community.

Meanwhile, management guarantees that it will only permit genuine businesses on the platform, to avoid any fraudulent activity on its site. “This is a platform that cares about the image of Africa…We will be very strict with the kinds of things that are marketed on our platform. We are not going to allow people to take advantage of our platform to exploit the same people we are trying to give a voice.”

Empowering grassroots through education, mentorship and training

Cameroonian-born CEO and founder of EboniGram Communications, Blessed Efilo is an instructor in the University of Colorado, USA. He is passionate about seeing the African continent advance in education.

For this reason, he will use EbonigramPlus to create learning platforms where courses will be taught mostly for free, to help black and brown people develop themselves intellectually and professionally in diverse disciplines. Plans are also underway to bring in professionals from different fields to mentor and train younger black people. This, Efilo believes, will empower the grassroots.

Feel free to explore EbonigramPlus

EbonigramPlus, a division of EboniGram Communications, has been commended by many people. Some have already begun exploring the offers of this latest platform.

If you would like to be part of this community, feel free to visit and begin your journey.

Author: Paul Njie

Paul Njie is a Cameroonian journalist. He's the Editor-in-Chief of the online news website, TWIF News. He's also a broadcast journalist with Hi TV Cameroon, where he anchors political TV Shows and does news reports.

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