Cameroon: Tha Sanctified announces Gospel Rap “Devil go tire” Song Release

Cameroonian born Christian rapper Tha Sanctified has announced the release of his song titled “Devil go tire”.

Tha Sanctified was born in Ekondo Titi in Ndian Division as Nyendi Yanick Esinoh.

However, both his parents Mr Motale David Nyendi and Mrs Motale Emilia Nyamah hail from Dikome Balue, in Ndian Division, Southwest region of Cameroon.

In an interview with Ebonigram, he explained “I have written many other songs which are yet to be released.

Currently working on the new projects which will be released before the end of this year 2020:-

  • Devil go tire
  • Pikin 4 God
  • I no go suffer

Tha Sanctified started rapping in 2014 but never considered it a career up until 2020 when he realized how much impact his songs were creating. “Then, I decided to go out there with my music to be a blessing to many others.”

His songs are very popular in Christ light assemblies where he is a pastor, especially because his christian family and his senior pastor Apostle Samuel E. Molombe have been passionate consumers of his songs.

“I am a Pastor. I consider music as a means of reaching out to God’s people out there, especially the youthful generation.” He said.

He added that “I want to reach out to the youths with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and I know they can relate more with hip-hop and rap.”

Sharing his thoughts concerning people who criticize gospel rap, he states “I think they just haven’t heard me.

Here are some of his songs available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack, spotify, iTunes, Tidal and Amazon music.

  • New Dawn
  • Live 4 Jehovah
  • I’m High
  • Big boys now
  • No concept
  • Sunny day.

Author: Mambe Njikofore Mande N.

Freelance Journalist, Content strategist, Paint/Sketch Artist.

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