Sudan is No More a State Sponsor of Terrorism — US President

Man waving Sudanese flag

US President Donald Trump has removed Sudan from America’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Friday’s move by the US was received with joy in Sudan, as it marks a new turning point in the economic development of the African nation.

The US, however, did not delist Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism for free. President Trump promised to take the country off the list, only if it paid $335 million, as compensation for victims of terror.

On Monday, Mr. Trump announced on Twitter, that Sudan’s new government had agreed to pay the compensation levy.

Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok thanked President Trump on Monday, shortly after he declared his intention to expunge Sudan from America’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Why did USA include Sudan in its list of state sponsors of terrorism?

In 1993, the US named Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism. This was primarily because the country hosted Osama Bin Laden, the then leader of al-Qaeda. He was a guest of the Sudanese government.

Moreover, in 1998 while Bin Laden still lived in Sudan, al-Qaeda bombed two US embassies in Africa — in Kenya and Tanzania. The bombings left more than 200 people dead, with several others injured.

The US government considered Sudan complicit in the act, and demanded that it pay compensation to US victims and their families.

President Trump’s latest move will help Sudan

Since 1993 when US enlisted Sudan in its list, relations between both countries have been rough.

In fact, for 27 years, the US made it hard for Sudan to receive economic aid from major international financial institutions, thereby crippling the country’s economy. Foreign investment in Sudan was also barred to an extent, by the US’ action.

But, Mr. Trump’s new move paves the way for the African nation to receive financial aid and investment.

If Congress does not object to the President’s decision, then Sudan can conveniently secure loans from international institutions.

It will have a chance to revive its poorly-performing economy, and this might open doors for foreign investment.

US-Sudan relations bolstered

On the same day Mr. Trump dismissed Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism, he equally made another major announcement.

He revealed that Sudan had agreed to normalize relations with Israel. Sudan becomes the fifth Arab nation to accept fixing relations with Israel.

This is a big deal for the US president because, his administration has convinced three Arab nations — UAE, Bahrain and Sudan — to change their negative attitude towards Israel. All three arrangements were done in 2020, which is an election year.

By Sudan accepting to normalize relations with Israel, it has bridged its tense gap with the US.

Many are now eager to see how the country will evolve in the years to come.

Author: Paul Njie

Paul Njie is a Cameroonian journalist. He's the Editor-in-Chief of the online news website, TWIF News. He's also a broadcast journalist with Hi TV Cameroon, where he anchors political TV Shows and does news reports.

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